Perfect conditions for radio: Ham Radio to go on air from Lake Constance for the 46th time in June

International Amateur Radio Exhibition to open its doors to radio fans from around the world for the 46th time

When you see radio masts being erected and antennas being adjusted on-site, you know it’s Ham Radio time again in Friedrichshafen. From June 23 to 25, 2023, the International Amateur Radio Exhibition will be presenting itself in three halls and the Foyer West under the motto of “We’re all about STEM!” The amateur radio community will be particularly curious about the wide-ranging supporting program of its outstanding exhibition partner, the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC). “We’re pleased to have added a Career Day to the well-established concept of fascinating lectures, live radio contact events, and exams for the first time this year. After all, the field of amateur radio is perfectly suited to teaching interested children and young people about the natural sciences and awakening an enthusiasm for technology in them,” says Project Manager Petra Rathgeber.

From June 23 to 25, the entire spectrum of the radio universe will be on display across three halls and in Foyer West. Ham Radio pros will find the popular flea market and its hard-to-find treasures in Hall A3. For those looking to stock up on new technology, there will be numerous commercial exhibitors in Zeppelin Cat Hall A1. For the first time in three years, an international reunion of young radio fans will again be held at Ham Camp. Other highlights for the amateur radio youth will include exams, a booth sponsored by amateur radio groups of colleges and universities, Career Day, and the Ham Rally.


From amateur radio to engineering

True to the motto of “early practice makes the master,” this year’s edition of the International Amateur Radio Exhibition will again focus on early scientific education. From learning to tap out your own name in Morse code to taking on the challenge of tricky technical quiz questions and telecommunication experiments, the youngest among the radio amateurs will be able to have fun learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at Ham Camp and the Ham Rally. The advanced training seminars for teachers will also make it possible to take new inspiration for hands-on teaching methods with a focus on electronics and computer science. The topics covered will include the application possibilities of modern analog computers as well as a closer examination of the basics of computer science.

For those who have already delved deeper into the subject matter and know what direction they should take professionally, Career Day will for the first time offer a wide range of information on courses of study, career choices, and job opportunities in the technology and communications sector in the West Foyer and on the Action Stage.

Other highlights will include the lecture series in Hall A2 and the conference rooms. In addition to DIY magnetic antennas, the Software Defined Radio Academy (SDR) conference, and the presentation on protecting radio equipment from lightning strikes, experts will report on their experiences with the Q100 geostationary satellite. Earth expedition reports from hiking and mountain adventurers will also be available at the SOTA and IOTA conferences.

Experiments and live radio contact in the open air

Visitors to the Ham Radio will also be able to discover outdoor topics in the open-air area. With live radio contact from a flying zeppelin and the launch of a stratospheric balloon, amateur radio fans can look forward to many spectacular events in Friedrichshafen from June 23 to 25.