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Kick-off Ham Radio 2021

Ham Radio sends a clear signal

18.02.2021 | Planning underway for the 45th International Amateur Radio Exhibition – The 2021 theme: “Together at a distance – reunion with friends”

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Radio silence due to coronavirus COVID-19: Ham Radio not taking place as planned


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Exhibitor Comments

Voices of the Ham Radio 2019 exhibitors:


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Final Report

Visitors from more than 50 countries bring the “ham spirit” to life

23.06.2019 | A distinctly international audience at Europe’s leading amateur radio trade fair – with a lively, well-received supporting program

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Press Conference

Radio amateurs meet for international summit

21.06.2019 | 44th Ham Radio amateur radio fair opens – DARC exhibition slogan: “Amateur Radio On Tour”

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The headlines of the 44th international amateur radio show Ham Radio 2019


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Ham Radio 2019 in brief


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The Ham Radio fair at a glance

The joy of traveling and communication attracts radio amateurs from all over the world to the Ham Radio

17.04.2019 | Many fascinating topics and some 180 exhibitors at the international amateur radio exhibition taking place on Lake Constance from June 21 to 23, 2019, under the slogan of “Amateur Radio on Tour”

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