Terms and Conditions of Participation Commercial Vendors

Flea Market HAM RADIO 2024

1. Time / place / products

The flea market will take place from Friday 06/28/2024 to Sunday 06/30/2024 on the grounds of the exhibition centre in Friedrichshafen. The flea market will be open on Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The flea market halls are guarded at night. Goods can be brought to the flea market via especially signposted entrances.

2. Additional structural items / technical equipment

Tables (2 m x 0.6 m) will be set up. Vendors may not bring their own additional structural items or tables. The regulations specified by the building authorities must be observed, for example you don’t have to take paper to cover up the tables. If a flea market participant requires a power source, this must be requested. The participant must bring his own extension cables, as needed. Power connection and consumption are billed at a flat rate of € 67.00 (for registrations made by 05/31/2024), regardless of the actual duration of use. Power registrations received later (after 05/31/2024) are no longer possible!

Approved flea market participants must occupy their space on Thursday, 06/27/2024 from 07:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. or on Friday, 06/28/2024 from 07:00 a.m. to 09:00 hrs. If the space is not occupied by the start of the trade fair on Friday, 06/28/2024 at 09:00 hrs, the trade fair management reserves the right to allocate the space elsewhere reserved. The claim for repayment of the stand rental fee in the event of non-occupancy will be waived in favor of the administrative expenses for the new occupancy.

3. Vendors

These are companies or persons who exclusively sell used and NOS goods. This means that according to common legal opinion. Sellers who repeatedly offer equivalent or similar or identical equipment/goods and have a sales tax identification number are classified as commercial/industrial classified. Incidentally, this also applies to dealers/vendors who have previously purchased their goods for sale at the flea market itself. It is not allowed to sell new goods at the flea market. This is only allowed in the Zeppelin CAT Hall A1 (not in the flea market area). Violation of these conditions will result in immediate exclusion from the flea market without reimbursement. In addition, the exhibitor must in this case leave the premises. The fair reserves the right to carry out spot checks. Pre-registrations are required and may be considered as long as space is available, but no later than 05/31/2024. Admission to the Flea Market will be confirmed in writing. Each person involved in the sale must be in possession of a flea market exhibitor pass.

* The abbreviation NOS stands for New Old Stock, which is English for old inventory. It designates electrical components or equipment, which were manufactured before the RoHS Guideline was issued and therefore does not have to be observed.

4. Terms of payment

The participation fee is due without any deductions upon receipt of the admission invoice. The payment terms on the invoices of Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH are decisive, please note the information on bank details.

5. Parking spaces

Parking in the visitors’ car park costs € 7.00 / day. Parking spaces for flea market exhibitors are available for the duration of the exhibition on the flea market car park, in the immediate vicinity of the halls, as long as these are still available (parking fee € 36.00). Reservations are necessary when submitting your flea market registration. Exhibitors without a parking pass can enter the grounds for loading and unloading, after paying a deposit of € 50.00 for 90 minutes. After this time, the deposit will not be returned.

6. Exhibition regulations, infringements

During the event, all exhibitors shall abide by the exhibition regulations of Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH throughout the exhibition grounds. Instructions issued by employees with a legitimate official identification pass must be followed. Infringement of the general participation guidelines, the participation conditions or the provisions of the exhibition regulations shall entitle Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH to immediately close the exhibitor’s stand at the exhibitor’s cost and without reimbursement or liability for any damage which may occur.

7. Cancellation

If a person can not participate, the cancellation have to be in writing. If the admission has already been made at this time, we charge a processing fee of € 60.00 (incl. VAT). If no written cancellation, there is no right to a refund of the amount.

8. Place of fulfilment and legal venue

The place of fulfilment is the place where Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH is located. This also applies to the legal venue, if the tenant is a registered trader or a corporate body in public law or does not have a general legal venue in this country.