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Amateur radio operators and scouts: A friendship that makes connections worldwide

They are communicative, open to the world and rely on friendships around the globe: Amateur radio operators and scouts have a lot in common. The connections that already exist between the two groups as well as those that could develop in the future are the focus of the international amateur radio exhibition in Friedrichshafen, owing to the motto “Radio Scouting - The Adventure of Youth Amateur Radio.” “The Ham Radio is taking place for the 43rd time this year and has truly become a perennial favorite. That is due, on the one hand, to the combination of the high-quality selection of products, the huge flea market and the extensive supporting program; but also certainly because with the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC), we have a partner who really creates an exciting mood every year using the motto of its annual Lake Constance Meeting,” emphasized Petra Rathgeber, Ham Radio project leader. About 180 exhibitors and associations from 32 countries are presenting their services and new products at the show. At the Maker Faire Bodensee, which takes place partially parallel to the Ham Radio and is being run by an external organizer for the first time, 150 stands will be on display.

Steffen Schöppe, Chairman of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC), is excited to see how the Ham Radio and this year’s Lake Constance meeting will go. “We are hoping for a lot of interesting discussions between scouts and amateur radio enthusiasts at the show.” One focal point is in the Rothaushalle, Hall A1, where the world scouting organization is presenting itself. This is where every visitor can get information about the annual Jamboree on the Air (Jota), during which scouts connect with the fellow scouts around the world using radio. “Just setting up the antenna in the group is exciting and communicating together over the radio has a cozy quality to it, like sitting around a campfire,” says Remko Welling, who is a scout and amateur radio operator in addition to being the organizer of the scouts’ appearance at the show.

The DARC initiative “Please do not disturb – save short wave,” is the favorite topic of Christian Entsfellner, a member of the board of DARC. He is referring to the compatibility of electric devices, for example LED lights, which often do not conform to EU guidelines and therefore generate electromagnetic interference. The members of DARC e.V. have taken up the challenge of measuring and evaluating interference across the country.

Making things, tinkering and designing is at the forefront of the Maker Faire Bodensee, which takes place on Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3, and which is being organized by Messeorganisations- und Veranstaltungsgesellschaft (M.O.V.E.) for the first time. “The focus is on participatory activities for visitors of every age. But there are also exciting things to see, such as new and old technological devices, including a laser cutter, CNC milling machines, robots and a steam engine,” explains organizer Frank Henkel. A total of 150 stands with 400 makers will be present at the show. In the Modding Masters, creative computer modders put their skills to the test, and the Maker Challenge is about building a machine that can paint a picture on its own.