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24. June 2023, 10:00

IARU R1 International Youth Meeting

Referee: Philipp Springer, DK6SP

Conference Center West, Room Liechtenstein

The International Youth Meeting at the HAM RADIO Fair in Friedrichshafen is an annual event organized by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 1 Youth Working Group (YWG). The event offers young radio amateurs from around the world a chance to network with like-minded people. The meeting includes presentations on past and future work of the YWG, such as the YOTA Summer Camp. Participants can learn about the latest developments in the YOTA community and exchange ideas with other young people. Overall, the International Youth Meeting offers a unique opportunity to share one's interests and passions. The meeting also gives participants - young and old - the opportunity to actively engage in discussions on the topic of youth work and thus also get impressions in this field from different countries.