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Voices of the Ham Radio 2019 exhibitors:

23.06.2019  | Exhibitor Comments

Stephanie Heine and Werner Bauer, German Amateur Radio Club (DARC)

“We experienced a lively and positive atmosphere at Ham Radio 2019. The ‘Amateur Radio on Tour’ slogan was palpable everywhere, especially since the visitors had traveled so far to be a part of the event. Our lecture program was very well received, with the remarks by Nobel Laureate Joe Taylor and the talk by Peter Gülzow on the new geostationary satellite drawing particularly large crowds. The many facets of amateur radio were on display at the Ham Radio, and we are really pleased with how everything went.”


Hans Hilberling, Hilberling GmbH:

“The highlight for me personally was the meeting with the students of the middle/high school of Realschule Weingarten and experiencing their happiness at having successfully established contact with the ISS. Ham Radio 2019 was a very big event, and for us it is one of the most important trade fairs in the field of amateur radio. We’ll definitely be back again next year.”


Michael Bürck, JVCKenwood Deutschland GmbH:

“We come to the Ham Radio every year. This time around, we presented our new TS-890S transceiver to the public and were thrilled with the positive feedback. Here you come into contact with an audience that is very knowledgeable and motivated, leading to stimulating conversations and great networking opportunities. On the whole we are as satisfied as we had hoped to be, and our dealers on site informed us that sales are quite good. The Ham Radio is very important to us and is undoubtedly among the world’s three leading trade fairs in this area.”


Alfred Krämer, owner and Managing Director of Difona Communication:

“We are pleased with our booth at the fair. Just as in previous years, visitors made the pilgrimage to this exhibition with keen interest in making purchases, and we were able to achieve our sales targets. The Ham Radio is Europe’s largest amateur radio fair, making it an attractive venue for radio amateurs from all over the world.”


Madeleine Wellie, Sales Director of SSB-Electronic:

“It seemed to me that there were more visitors at the fair this year than in 2017, the last time we were here. We had another opportunity here to bolster our customer relationships and to ‘meet and greet’ many of our dealers from all over the world. Being part of this trade fair was definitely worth it for us.”


Eberhard Smolka, owner of UKW-Berichte:

“The trade fair organization was terrific as always, but I had the feeling that there were fewer visitors this year. Even so, I really appreciate the internationality of the audience, because they have a lot of purchasing power. We have been exhibitors at the Ham Radio since the very beginning. Being there every year is important for the business we do throughout the year and represents an important way to cultivate our image, of course.”


Harald Schönwitz, 1st Chairman of AATiS:

“The atmosphere here is quite relaxed, and you could also call it optimistic. Compared to previous years, we had a very strong start: The people crowded around our booth on Friday, and we didn’t experience any downtime since then. The majority of the visitors came prepared and asked very specific questions. We were also able to attract an audience with our presentation at the booth. The lectures of the continuing education for teachers were extremely well attended. One reason for this increase could be the current topic of the geostationary satellite, which is also very interesting for schools in particular. It was ‘standing room only’ for some of our lectures, because there weren’t enough chairs to go around. Every year the Ham Radio is the high point of our event calendar, and we like to take advantage of the opportunity to present ourselves to the public.”


Martin Blanz, Amsat Germany:

“Very good, successful, great to be a part of – these are the phrases we would use to describe the Ham Radio 2019. Owing to the new satellite Es’Hail-2, we attracted a big audience with urgent questions. This was a completely new experience for us, allowing us to establish something new again after so many years. The interest was obviously very high and we were able to help visitors with questions concerning the necessary equipment, for example.”


Ralf Bürger, Head of Service Center 10 Amateur Radio Administration – Federal Network Agency Dortmund:

“We touch base with our license holders every year at the Ham Radio. Interested parties can take their exam here on site and then apply for a call sign from us. For us as the licensing authority, the Ham Radio is the most important trade fair in Europe.”

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