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Many fascinating topics and some 180 exhibitors at the international amateur radio exhibition taking place on Lake Constance from June 21 to 23, 2019, under the slogan of “Amateur Radio on Tour”

The joy of traveling and communication attracts radio amateurs from all over the world to the Ham Radio

17.04.2019  | The Ham Radio fair at a glance

Friedrichshafen, Germany – No distance is too far, no location unreachable: Radio amateurs can be found all over the world, always ready to receive with their antennas – their radio links even extend up into space. For the 44th edition of the Ham Radio, many friends of amateur radio will again be drawn to Friedrichshafen for the chance to get to know each other, to meet up and exchange ideas with like-minded people, and to go shopping for equipment and accessories. The international amateur radio exhibition will take place from June 21 to 23, 2019, under the slogan of “Amateur Radio on Tour.” Around 180 exhibitors from 32 countries will present their products, trends, and innovations from the field of radio, along with the associated technology. The German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) invites you to this 70th Lake Constance conference with numerous lectures. The first geostationary amateur radio satellite Es’hail-2 will also be a key topic.

“For the 44th time, the amateur radio fan community will be meeting here in Friedrichshafen, and each year there are topical and fascinating topics to be discussed, proving that the ham radio spirit is alive and well! Thanks to the combination of high-quality products on offer and a wide-ranging supporting program, which we compiled with DARC as an expert partner, the Ham Radio is Europe’s most important amateur radio trade show,” says Klaus Wellmann, Messe Friedrichshafen CEO.


From measuring instruments and antennas to electrical engineering, hardware, and software, the 44th edition of this exhibition offers a wide variety of technology, electronics, accessories, and equipment. “We are particularly pleased to welcome several exhibitors, such as Wimo, who have decided to exhibit here again this year after a brief or, in some cases, extended hiatus. As usual, international industry giants such as Hilberling, Icom, JVCKenwood, Luso, and Yaesu will be presenting their latest products and inviting visitors to make purchases,” says Project Manager Petra Rathgeber. The flea market and the national and international associations will be rounding out the Ham Radio program.


DARC slogan: “Amateur Radio on Tour”

“Radio amateurs know no bounds and are on land and water as well as in the air with their mobile ‘ham radio shacks.’ They like having the option of being reachable all over the world on their expeditions and getting to know new friends,” says DARC Press Spokesperson Stephanie Heine. The slogan of the year for DARC’s 70th Lake Constance conference is “Amateur Radio on Tour,” with this wanderlust being brought to the fore through promotions, exhibitions, and lectures. At the Ham Radio 2019, all radio amateurs are invited to present their homes-on-wheels to an interested audience. In addition to this Lake Constance conference, the DARC club magazine will also be celebrating an anniversary: Amateur radio magazine CQ DL has been informing its members for 90 years, and AMSAT is celebrating its 50th anniversary. “These are good reasons for DARC to celebrate, and you are invited to an anniversary party in Foyer West on Friday,” reports Stephanie Heine.


Es’hail-2 and more: Fascinating topics at the 70th Lake Constance conference

The transmission of signals via satellite is especially appealing to licensed radio amateurs. Since the beginning of the year, the Es’hail-2 has been ushering in a new era as the first geostationary satellite with amateur radio transponders. It makes it easier than ever to get started with satellite radio: With commercially available satellite dishes that are aimed at a fixed point in the sky like a TV satellite, even beginners can get a taste of satellite radio. For the amateur radio community, radio operation with Es’hail-2 is an exciting new challenge that will also be discussed at the Lake Constance conference. Range will be addressed at the “DX Plaza” as well. Five DX interest groups will be jointly presenting themselves and demonstrating the fascination of DXing at a large booth. The Swiss DX Foundation, the Mediterraneo DX Club, the Clipperton DX Club, and IOTA (Islands On The Air) will be participating together with the EIDX Group (Ireland) and the European DX Foundation.


Constancy and change: Teacher training at the Ham Radio

For the thirteenth year in a row, continuing education for teachers from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Switzerland, and Austria will be taking place on the Friday of the exhibition. Under the title “Constancy and Change,” practical topics will be on the agenda, including “The Amateur Radio Training Station As the Basis for the Activities of a School Amateur Radio Club” and “The Geostationary Amateur Radio Satellite Es’‐hail-2 and Reception of the 10 GHz Downlink on a Limited Budget.” DARC and the Amateur Radio and Telecommunications in School Working Group (AATiS) are cooperating to bring you this teacher training. To ask questions and to sign up by e-mail, contact


Fox Oring Contest: Fox hunt around the exhibition grounds

The Fox Oring Contest will be a sporting event held on the Sunday of the exhibition. Taking place in the woods near the exhibition, the fox hunt is about making your way through the specified course as quickly as possible and finding the most transmitters. There will be an awards ceremony for the winners immediately following the race. Anyone interested can register directly at the exhibition in Foyer West.


Ham Rally and HamCamp: Activities for the next generation of radio operators

The participants in the Ham Rally can get their initial bearings with the hobby of amateur radio. On Friday, June 21, and Saturday, June 22, there will be an exciting program for the next generation of radio operators between the ages of 8 and 21. They will be able to test their knowledge with tricky quiz questions at various stations, take part in telecommunications experiments, transmit via radio, and send Morse signals, all while learning more about the world of amateur radio. Those who want to spend not only days but also nights that are exciting at the Ham Radio can take part in HamCamp, which is being organized by Messe Friedrichshafen and DARC. Young radio amateurs up to the age of 27 can spend the night in the middle of the exhibition getting to know their peers with the same hobby. Even after the exhibition events, the fun won’t end at the camp: soldering, experimenting, soccer goal shooting, pedal car races and radio operation at the DAØHC station will be on the agenda. For additional information and to register, go to


Tinkering Contest

Beginning in 2020, radio amateurs will no longer be allowed to hold microphones in their hands while driving. Unfortunately, all older or even some newly offered mobile radio devices do not yet have the appropriate equipment to allow radio communication without a handheld microphone. To ensure that mobile radio can continue to be used while driving, DARC is using a competition at the Ham Radio to look for ideas, concepts, circuits, and possible construction kits. The best solutions will be recognized with prizes on the HAM action stage in Foyer West. Sign up by sending an e-mail to


Parking spots for RVs/caravans and opening hours

For visitors, the trade fair also offers the possibility of staying overnight close to the exhibition on a parking space for RVs/caravans. The Ham Radio will take place in Friedrichshafen from Friday, June 21, to Sunday, June 23, 2019, and will be open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, on Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm. A day ticket costs 11 euros, with tickets bought in advance selling for 10 euros. The three-day ticket is available for 26 euros; 24 euros when purchased in advance. Further information is available at

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