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Exhibitor comments 2018

Steffen Schöppe, Chairman of DARC, The German Amateur Radio Club:
“Every year, it is a lot of fun to come here to Friedrichshafen to meet friends and acquaintances and make new contacts. For years, we had been talking about how the scouts could really present themselves on a big scale here and this year it actually happened. Visitors were very interested in this topic, especially the young ones.”

Alfred Krämer, Difona:
“Although we noticed fewer visitors this year, our new products were sold out on Friday evening and I had to order more by express delivery. Before the show, we were thinking about how we could expand our portfolio for this year’s Ham Radio. The things we added were perfect. The Ham Radio is a traditional trade fair for our company and a must. Next year we will celebrate our company’s 60th anniversary here at the show, and there will be fireworks!”

Frank Strauch and Dieter Hamberger, Icom: 
“We are satisfied with the response to our appearance here. Because we only sell our products through retailers, we are primarily at the Ham Radio to cultivate our image. In addition, here our customers get the opportunity to handle the equipment and try it out, which is often not possible in stores.” 

Frank Dathe, Funktechnik Dathe: 
“This is the fourth Ham Radio for us and the best show so far. Here we can reach customers that we otherwise never see. We are very satisfied and will also come back to Friedrichshafen in the future.”

Paul Bigwood, Yaesu:
“Visitor numbers fell this year because of the date, but for us the Ham Radio is always a good event and we will continue to support it. It is worth pointing out that the exhibitors here are primarily focused on amateur radio, something that will hopefully stay that way in the future. In my eyes, the Ham Radio better than the show in Dayton (USA), just based on the venue alone.”

Jan Schwiemann, Batronix: 
“We are at the Ham Radio for the first time and are satisfied with our appearance. We reached a lot of radio hobbyists here and were able to acquire a lot of new customers at the same time.”

Raffaelo Minuzzi, Spiderbeam:
“As expected, we got a lot of negative feedback about the date of this year’s show. However, we have a large base of loyal customers who came to see us, so we are satisfied with our sales, which did not register any major differences compared to last year.”

Richard Joachims, Joachims GmbH: 
“It was apparent to me that there were fewer exhibitors at the Ham Radio this year. The first day of the show went very well; on Saturday I could tell that there were noticeably fewer visitors. Estimates are that we will reach the average of the last few years. Last year, we had an absolutely record year here in Friedrichshafen. The Ham Radio remains the highlight in amateur radio.”

Daniel Kägi, USKA: 
“The Ham Radio not only holds great significance for our association, but for all of the associations around the world; it is a kind of pilgrimage for us. The exchange between international associations like those from the USA, Thailand and South Africa takes place here in Friedrichshafen. There are a lot of meetings at which things like frequency alignment and the rules in various countries are discussed. We try and find a consensus so that we can then communicate them to the public authorities. Tourism gets a push here too; for example, this year we were able to win Zermatt as a sponsor.”

Joe Hall, Total Mast Solutions: 
“This year, we had a lot to do at the Ham Radio. We had a couple of new products and were here to present and sell them.”