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  • The joy of traveling and communication attracts radio amateurs from all over the world to the Ham Radio

    17.04.2019 |  Many fascinating topics and some 180 exhibitors at the international amateur radio exhibition taking place on Lake Constance from June 21 to 23, 2019, under the slogan of “Amateur Radio on Tour”

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  • Save your ticket now

    13.02.2019 |  The ticket shop is online - book your ticket now, save money and visit HAM RADIO without waiting time!

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  • Electricity is in the air: Technophiles from around the world make contact at the Ham Radio

    03.06.2018 |  Ham Radio and Maker Faire Bodensee attracts amateur radio enthusiasts, scouts and tinkerers

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  • Amateur radio operators and scouts: A friendship that makes connections worldwide

    01.06.2018 |  43rd Ham Radio opens – DARC Motto for the show: “Radio scouting – the Adventure of Youth Amateur Radio”

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